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Welcome to Refined Reptiles

Refined Reptiles are Hobbyist keepers and breeders of Australian reptiles. With experience keeping various species and breeding mostly Australian pythons with a passion for refining the mutations and other appearance traits.
While mainly focused on pythons, Refined Reptiles also enjoy working with other species such as Blue Tongue Lizards, Shinglebacks, Bearded Dragons and very keen to start keeping various species of geckos.

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Our 2016 pairings

Below are our pairings for this season of breeding. Not all pairings are shown, but we will continue to add them as we can confirm females are gravid. Once we have established the hatchlings and sorted out which offspring we wish to hold back, we will create a page with what animals are available. If you have any queries regarding our pairings or what we may have available, please feel free to use the contact form above.


Pure Darwin Albino Male


Pure Darwin het Albino female

Male Albino
Female 100% Het Albino

This pairing is of Pure Darwins that have been selected for their exceptional banding. The idea of selecting these animals to pair are to hopefully selectively breed for contrasting and uniform banding. We will be keeping a couple of animals to hold back, but should have some 100% Het and Albino animals available once established.


Albino Jaguar Male


Pure Darwin het Albino female

Male Albino Jaguar
Female 100% Het Albino

The female Darwin that was selected for this pairing has a reasonable dorsal stripe that is connected to the saddles on her sides. This should compliment the Jaguar mutation that reduces the patterns considerably, creating what we believe will be some of the best Albino Jaguars produced.


Kahn - Cowley Beach Jungle


Pure Jungle Zebra Female

Male Jungle
Female Jungle Zebra

This pairing was planned to produce some bright pure Jungle Zebras. With the female being a very nice bright animal and paired with this beautifully bright yellow Cowley Beach male we believe their offspring will undoubtedly bright and continue to hold their colours well into adult hood with little smudging.


Caramel Zebra Male


Faulkner Jungle Female

Male Caramel Zebra
Female Jungle

This pairing was done to create some high percentage Jungle Caramel Zebras. With the quality of the Jungle female who stems from SXR and Faulkner line Jungles, there should be some high quality offspring produced.


Axanthic Jungle Male


Jaguar Female

Male Axanthic Jungle
Female Jaguar

We wanted to produce some Axanthic Jaguars for future breeding projects. With this pairing we should produce het Axanthic and Jaguar het Axanthic.